(You do NOT have to die to use this Life Insurance)

Traditional Life Insurance only paid a death benefit, BUT Life Insurance Policies TODAY pay out in advance  a lump sum cash benefit (up to 90% if you are diagnosed with a Critical, Chronic or Terminal Illness.)  With the strides in medicine Many  people are surviving serious illnesses like cancer,heart attacks and stroke and go on for many years.

And, we are living in the age of Covid-19, as well as every 36 seconds someone suffers a heart attack.  And, one in two men and one in three women, will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime?

 Are you and your family prepared for the unforeseen circumstances that befall us all.  Will you be able to pay your living expenses in the event of a sudden illness or death of the primary source of income.  Life Insurance with Living Benefits will help you to do just that.  

Life insurance policies of the past should have been called death insurance since the only way to access the benefit was someone had to die.  With the policies we offer that is fortunately no longer the case.


To Learn more about how we can protect you and your family through life’s unpredictable  and unexpected changes, ask us about a life insurance policy that can provide benefits while you are alive to help you and your family through critical, chronic and/or terminal illness by allowing  you to take out up to 90% in a LUMP SUM CASH Benefit when diagnosed (you do NOT have to pay it back), in addition to supplying a death benefit to your loved ones.

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